We specialize in registering Representative Offices for foreign companies to establish a presence in Thailand.


Special provision has been made within Thai law for a foreign company(being a company not formed under Thai law and/or without majority Thai ownership) to establish what is known as a “representative office.” This is often the quickest and easiest way for a foreign company to establish a physical presence in Thailand.

As well as creating a “beachhead,” the creation of a representative office has the added benefit of facilitating the lodgement of applications for business visas and work permits for foreign directors or staff.

There are, however, restrictions on the nature of activities that a foreign company may undertake in such an office. 

A representative office may only engage in certain non-revenue-raising activities such as:

  • Searching for local sources of goods or services for its head office, inspecting and controlling the quality and quantity of goods procured by its head office
  • Providing advice in various fields relating to products directly sold by its head office to local distributors or consumers
  • Disseminating information about new products and services
  • Reporting to its head office on local business developments and activities

The minimum capital injection required to establish a representative office is currently 3m THB. These funds are transferred into the country at specified intervals, and must subsequently remain in Thailand. It is intended that this capital be used for operational expenses such as rent and wages.


Doing business in Thailand can be very complicated and may take you several weeks to complete the process. This is mainly due to the registration procedures and the required documents and forms being in Thai. It follows that you need someone you can trust and who is able to communicate in Thai on your behalf to be able to successfully review your company registration. Fischer & Partners licensed Thai lawyers, and foreign attorneys/solicitors can take care of the legal points of setting up your business, thereby making sure that all the necessary requirements are met.