Efficient & Secure Audit Methodology. We Ensure Timely & Detailed Reporting.

Statutory Audits are a fundamental legal obligation in most countries, including Thailand. Thai law demands that all registered companies submit annual financial statements that must be confirmed as accurate and compliant with generally accepted accounting principles. Involving a review of internal procedures before the closing of Annual Accounts followed by a Statement of accounts, this verification must be provided by independent accountants.


At FP Accounting Service, we are fully qualified and highly experienced in this aspect of accounting management. We are fully independent and have total respect for the needs of confidentiality. Our modern Audit methodology is both highly efficient and secure, and we will ensure timely and detailed reporting with complete compliance with local laws.

The following services will be performed by Fischer & Partners Accounting Service at the end of each accounting year:


  • Prepare the annual financial statements and supporting notes (in English and Thai language) ready for the audit.
  • Provide the necessary support and coordination during the statutory audit.
  • Sign the SorBorChor 3 and 3/1 by a registered Thai accountant.
  • Submit the audited financial statements through e-filing with the Ministry of Commerce (with Sor Bor Chor 3 and Sor Bor Chor 3/1).


We help our clients to navigate through the statutory audit, ensuring all confirmations, supporting documentation, and explanations are provided on a timely basis. With many of our clients having strict deadlines to complete the audit, we manage the timeline keeping all parties informed of the progress of the audit fieldwork and help to clear any outstanding points.